Our history


Zubialdea Arabians is a young breeding program started in 2010. But most of all it is Asier Goñi’s dream and hopes put together, born from his love and passion for animals, mainly horses and Purebred Arabians in particular.


Historia Zubialdea Arabians


From the start, the main goal of the stud was to breed horses that held the classic beauty for which Arabian Horses are so famous, regardless of fashion, or the market’s trends. Only for own satisfaction.


The family had tradition of keeping horses and in 2005 the first riding pony came along, and after that, the family did nothing but increase.


In 2007 after meeting Romero Arabians, the first arabian horse landed at Zubialdea. It was Rom Flepp

From that moment on, curiosity and will of learning fueled the idea of starting a neverending journey to find a foundation mare. It took us to Al Zaraq Arabians in Cantabria.


At Al Zaraq Arabians we buy our first foundation mare in June 2010, WW Nelita. Daughter of British champion AJA Sanagor and Nebula, a Polish/Russian line mare


Nelita mesmerized us at first sight and no doubt it was the chosen mare to star our family’s small personal project.


Later on Ameera al Janna joined the family, daughter of 3x world champion Marwan Al Shaqab and YL Anna Malika, pure spanish mare born in USA.


Along our way we have visited national and international studs, taken part in courses and clinics about the arabian horse, attended and shown horses at national and international shows and have been lucky enough to meet personally world renown horses such as Marwan al Shaqab, El Perfecto or WH Justice.


But above all we have met lots of people from which we continue to learn every day.


We would like to send our best regards and give thanks to all the people that have played a partin our dream and have helped us to reach the place where we are now.


Because of the hopes that this passion holds within it, we have many friends, some considered family already…